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Who We Are

RRDDn is a worldwide community of scholars, information and cultural professionals, educators, artists, aid organizations, activists, and those who have experiences of displacement, migration and diaspora. 

It seeks to inspire, coordinate and support activities relating to records and recordkeeping, memory, and archives and information technologies and services in and over time and space, across geographies and generations. In particular, RRDDn recognizes that records, documentation and information technologies are increasingly used both to provide and to block the agency of those who have been displaced or are in diaspora, and to assist or prevent their ability to actualize their human rights and flourish. It also seeks through the activities of its members, therefore, to promote the rights of individuals and peoples to create, keep, carry, access, use and share records, documentation and information technologies. RRDDn does this through an array of multidisciplinary projects, locally led but often transnational in scope, including archival platform development and records systems design, policy work, artistic and curatorial interventions, curriculum development and pedagogy around social and community informatics, multimodal research, and community and network building.

Anne Gilliland

Network Coordinator

Portrait of Kathy Carbone

Kathy Carbone

Assistant Network Coordinator

James Lowry

Assistant Network Coordinator

Elham Abdi

Project Coordinator

Headshot of Kristin Cornelius

Kristin B. Cornelius

Project Coordinator

Marianna Hovhannisyan

Project Coordinator

Saqib Sheikh

Project Coordinator

Headshot of Tamara Stefanac

Tamara Stefanac

Project Coordinator

Headshot of Melissa Taitano

Melissa Taitano

Project Coordinator

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